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Monday, May 17, 2004

The first ever Rant Hall of Fame nominees!
To be considered for my very own Hall of Fame you must of done something "significant and great" in my lifetime. Afterall, this is my Hall of Fame! Only MY vote counts, hahaha. Here are the inaugural potential members:
In Sports: MLB: Cal Ripken Jr., Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Tony Gywnn, Mike Schmidt, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Wade Boggs.
NFL: Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Barry Sanders.
NBA: Larry Joe Bird, Michael Jordan, Ervin "Magic" Johnson, Kevin Mchale, Robert Parish, Reggie Lewis, and Charles Barkley
NHL: Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Cam Neely, Ray Bourque, and Patrick Roy.
Other Sports: Oscar De la Hoya, "Sugar" Ray Leonard, Lance Armstrong, and Pete Sampras.
In other fields, i.e. Music, Entertainment, etc.:
Soundgarden, Nirvana, Metallica (1981-1989), Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Trent Reznor, Greg Ginn (just in case he's reading this, lol), Stevie Ray Vaughan, "Dimebag" Darrell, David Bowie, The White Stripes, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Peter Jackson for directing Lord of The Rings, everyone in the Back to the Future trilogy, the Star Wars trilogy (4-6). John Cusack for being the best actor alive today. Comedians: Richard Pryor, Steven Wright, Sam Kinnison, Chris Rock, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Hicks, and last but definetly not least, George Carlin.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Just a couple of things on my mind............
First the ESPN shorts segments.... I hate them! Enough said.....
Chris Berman returning on Sunday nights? HUh Thank God i have to watch Sopranos, Alias. or the L Word reruns on those nights. I HATE Berman! He's a has-been, his nicknames no longer stick or stand out as they used too and his stupid "Swami" crap is annoying along with with his "top ten selections." Let me guess, just watch.....this Sunday he will pick the Tillman services as Numero Uno! Don't get me wrong I love Mr. Tillman and respect him very much as I stated before. But come on Berman stick with the sports world.
And speaking of Pat Tillman. I have been known of bashing Mr. Jim Rome after he called Tara Lipinski a "slut on skates" when she was 14 and won Olympic gold. But I now have to say I was very much impressed and humbled by his speech during the Tillman service. Mr. Rome you are now in my "Tops List" you made a great speech and I hope the majority of athletes heard it, so that they too would learn that "winning isn't everything." YOu deserve a standing "O."
Barry Bonds............what can I say, well what I am about to say may make some of you reading this cringe, but here it goes.....Yes I now do believe that Barry Bonds is the GREATEST BASEBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME!! The guy is feared like the Plague. People need to see him get pitched too. He is going to change the game of baseball. Hopefully by banning the dreaded "IBB's" I hate this stupid rule that a manager can intentionally walk someone. imagine if they lived back in the day of Ty Cobb or Babe Ruth. They'd get skinned alive!Barry I feel your pain, and I hope you hit .400! Because there may not be another one like you in looooong time..
The NBA is pissing me off, for their continuing none promotion of the best team in the league. The San Antonio Spurs! Tim Duncan deserved another MVP! Instead what do we hear.. That stupid little "brother" Steven A Smith talking about how the "lakers are hungry." Yeah, hungry for thier retirement pension!! And then the talk about the T-wolves.. Oh Please! At the start of the year everyone was placing bets on when Sprewell would choke Garnett! Seriously, forget about me and my "suspect" ways of rooting for teams. This is a serious opinion after a thorough anaylsis. The Spurs are the best team and have the best player in the NBA! I'd hate to say this, but i wouldn't be surprised if this team actually has a shot at the infamous 8-Pt that my Boston Celtics achieved decades ago!

Well thats all for now, I haven't kept in touch with the political or entertainment world. I am out!

Friday, April 30, 2004

More "Signs of the Apocalypse"
1. Jessica Simpson's version of "Take my breath away"
2. Jason Williams cleared of Manslaughter charges!
3.This Rene Gonzalez guy that was quoted as saying "Rambo got what he deserved." In reference to Pat Tillman!
4. Jair in NYC? What the heck is he doing in that dump? Watch out Jair, they may brainwash you to become a Yankees fan.
5. The Minnesota Timberwolves, talking trash in the first round of the playoffs? Come on, its only the Denver Nuggets, who are basically a upgraded version of the LA Clippers.
6. If the LA Lakers win the NBA Finals.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

A f ew more "signs of the apocalypse," as l call them:
1. The Detriot Tigers winning and in first place!
2. The Tampa Bay Lightning sweeping "les Canadiens." In what could be the final year of the NHL?
3. Derek Jeter is losing it! Let's hope he hits .150 this year!
4. If Nicole Kidman takes back Tom Cruise.
5. I am starting to master some of David Gilmour's Pink Floyd solos? Well sorta, hahaha.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

So whats been going on lately? Well all heck is breakin' loose in Baseball. Texas Rangers are in first?!! My Boston RedSox have wom 6 of 7 against the Yankees for the first time since 1913!! And Jeff Conine couldn't muster up the strenght to get the damn baseball from underneath the outfield wall?!

Then there's the NFL Draft: Or as I called it "The Mannings" which is sorta like a Soprano's show but involving the ridiculous affairs of the Manning family's conspricacy to get Eli in a "good" team. I used to like that Eli kid but now I wish him the worst of luck, considering he's gonna be in NY!!

The San Antonio Spurs will win the NBA Title.
Danny Ainge needs to get fired. He has killed the Celtic mystic, or the little that there was left! My poor Celtics they have no clue on how to get a winning team together.

Like my buddy Jair has said before, "This is definetly The Sopranos best season ever!" I loved that Tony Blundetto is back in the business! Steve Buscemi rocks! Let's go whack someone!

As for Music, I have officially started the songwriting with "Penelope." Now that I got this sweet brand new Line 6 amp! Its so sick. I can't believe the sound it creates. I'll be jamming in Waco next time I go over there!

I want to go to the Crossroads Festival sooooooo bad! Eric "god of guitar" Clapton is gonna tear it up! And Steve Vai wil lbe there, along with SRV's brother Jimmy Vaughan! Some please email me if you want to go or get a group together. I hear its gonna be awesome. Well thats all for now!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Well Waco here I come again!!
This is a little note to all you fans of the Publius Enigma Rant.
Yours truly will be in Waco at the infamous Slowpoke's bar on April 4, 2004. I will be there signing autographs to all those who wish... hahahaha. Anyway, Most of you guys still don't believe I will show up, but hey I never believed in my wildest dreams that I would own David Gilmour's Fender Stratocaster! So fantasy can become a reality! Now if only I could nail down those Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin solos!
Anyway, I am ticked off again with my Boston Redsox. Apparently Nomar is on the DL and Trotter Nixon and Kim will be out for a while as well. BOO HOO! I guess we will have to really earn it this time around.
I wanna know who was the genius that scheduled the Yanks vs. D-Rays for the opener in Japan!(oh yeah they don't like being called the DevilRays b/c of some biblethumping fools over there in Florida, I'm sure the very same that couldnt run a decent election!). Just more damn propaganda for recruiting more Yankee fans, like the world really needs that!
Oh yeah, I am still irate that the Baylor girls basketball team got screwed like a young contender facing a Don King sponsored boxer!
I don't understand these damn gas prices! Come on GW just tell everyone we are taking over the Iraqi oil!
I think my decision on who to vote for will be made after the Presidential debates. So hopefully GW can look a bit better defending himself. For now, I'm still on the Kerry campaign. Hell, they are the ones that made me earn the Fender Strat!
I still believe that Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain!
I still believe that Tupac and Biggie are indeed alive.
And I do believe that I made a big mistake picking St. Joe's to beat my Dukies. Oh well, I was blinded by the hope of being the only with that Final in my brackets. Damn you! Kentucky, Miss. St. and Gonzaga, never again will I pick thee!
Well off to Waco I am on Sunday to make my pick for the Major league baseball fantasy draft! I will use my Theo Epstein knowledge to win it all!!Expect the unexpected in my picks!
I am out!

Monday, March 22, 2004

Here's a little something for all you Latinos (i'll translate some of it for you whiteboys), enjoy:
How to tell if your a mexican:
20. You or someone you know uses "tres flores" ( hell i dont know this one. i think flowers or hair clips?)in thier hair.
19. If you have ever been hit by a chancla. (a shoe)
18. If others tell you to stop screaming when you are really just talking.
17. If you use your lips to point at something.
16. If you constantly refer to cereal as "pos tostees."
15. If your mom yells from the top of her lungs to call you for dinner and you live in a two room apartment.
14. If you use "manteca" (the really gross white lard oil) instead of olive oil and can't figure out why your butt is getting bigger.
13. If you call your sneakers "tenees."
12. If you have at least 30 cousins.
11. If you have at least on member in the family with a Mexi-mullet.
10. If you can't imagine anyone not liking spicy food.
9. If you are in a 5 passenger car with 7 people in it and still say "subanse, todavia caben." (get in, you can still fit.)
8. If whenever you feel under the weather, you compulsively dab on the "veeks" (menthol lotion) all over your chest and nostrils.
7. If you light a candle on the night of the lotto.
6. If you grew up scared of something called "el Cucuy." (slang word for monster.)
5. Your mom packs your "lonchera" (lunchbox) everyday, and you're 33!
4. Next to your photo of the Pope,some saints, and JFK is an even bigger photo of Selena.
3. Tamales, Champurrado, and Ham are must haves at Thanksgiving.
2. If you can dance ranchera, cumbia, or salsa without any music on.
1. If there is more Budwieser (or any other beer) than punch at little Angel's birthday party.

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